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The Women's Horse Industry Network is a business networking organization which helps its members connect with one another for social, educational and business. Our mission is to help our members gather the information they need to become more successful in their equine businesses and to promote the advancement of women in the equine industry.

The WHIN is the brainchild of sports and business entrepreneur, Catherine Masters. Masters  has more than 35 years experience and credentials in the world of marketing, public relations, television production, association management and sports. She most recently sold the National Women's Football Association, one of the most successful women's tackle football leagues in the world. Her background includes:

Marketing Consultant for the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association   (SGMA) worked with all of the top sporting goods manufacturers including Nike, Reebok, Wilson Sporting Goods  and many celebrities including  world famous actor, Charlton Heston.
Marketing Consultant for the National Association of Female Executives.
Marketing Consultant and dealer for Speedminton.
Marketing Consultant to Dr. Friday Burke, the small business tax guru.
Executive Director, The Women's Business Network (Network Connection)
Executive Director, MusicWomen International
Executive Director,  Indie Music Week
Executive Director, Women's Sports Cares.
Executive Producer of the Marketing Women's Sports Conference. Featured speakers included USA Today's Christine Brennan and top executives from Nike, ESPN, Disney Sports and more.
Executive Producer of the first instructional golf series on television (Inside Golf) Boca Grove Plantation. Aired on SPN to more than 10 million homes.
Executive Producer of the first instructional tennis series on television (Tennis Anyone at Indian Springs Resort. Aired on SPN to more than 10 million homes.
Executive Producer of Chic Sports Radio on Sirius Radio. Covered all aspects of women's sports and included interviews of most top female athletes.
Executive Producer of the SupHer Bowl.
Executive Producer of 8 Women's Football World Championships. (SupHer Bowls)
Executive Producer of the NWFA docu-mercial.
Executive Producer of the Discovery Tent at the Lynda Carter/Maybelli Tennis Tournament at Deer Creek
Honorary Producer of the Gender Bowl
PR Consultant to minor league baseball.
PR Consultant to the Nashville Film Festival.
PR Consultant to a variety of small to large corporations.
PR Consultant to Susan Gibson, songwriter of the mega hit, "Wide Open Spaces".
Scout/liaison on the Virginia Slims professional tennis tour for Head tennis. Covered all major tennis tournaments including the U.S. Open, The French Open and Wimbledon.
Promoter of the Palm Beach Tennis Classic.
Founder of the National Women's Football Association (40 teams in 26 states).
Inducted in the American Football Hall of Fame.
Featured guest on CBS five city tour of "Starting Your Own Business".

She's a seasoned executive who's companies and projects has been featured  in the New York Times, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN, the LA Times and most of major market newspapers and TV networks. Her football league was even featured on  the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.for over 8 minutes! She has won numerous awards for both marketing, sports  and television production. 

"I understand how to market things and how to bring people together for the benefit of all and that's what I want to do for the women in the horse industry. There is a lot of business that can be done if we can just find one another. I've formed this organization so we do just that," she states.

Masters lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee.

Executive Director
Catherine Masters
Tennessee..the official mascot of the WHIA!