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I have been showing hunters and jumpers for the last 15 years all over Ontario and began buying/selling horses about 8 years ago. I had always been business minded, my dabbling in the horse sales market pushed me to pursue a commerce degree in Waterloo, Ontario. Upon completion, I jumped into running a sales and marketing company doing contract advertising for all sorts of businesses, horse related and otherwise.

Long term, I knew I wanted to be involved in the horse industry as a career, but a few year stint as a riding instructor and barn manager during university told me that was not what I wanted to do.

Today I have 2-3 sale horses with a great friend and business partner of mine, we both have “real jobs” as we candidly call them, compared to riding and teaching for a living (not that I don’t consider that a real job! Just now we don’t spend every day having fun!).

The ponies keep me sane and motivated, though I’ve recently gone on a quest to get back into better shape, running 3 days a week and doing interval training 3 days a week with a trainer… but he doesn’t seem to think schooling our very heavy-on-your-hands project horse counts as an arm workout! I still take on some contract strategic distribution campaigns in the horse industry, but now I run a growing skin care company with a good friend of mine, and recently launched a small business in the horse industry which is what has brought me to this site!

I launched A Horse Box Canada in August of this year, much thanks to the infamous “A” from A Horse Box USA, who graciously worked out a franchise plan for me. I took my love an desire (or quest perhaps) to find new products and meshed it together with a business idea, realized someone had already put a plan in action and decided to join forces! Essentially, we take businesses who want to promote and advertise their product and get it into the hands of people like me, that want to try something new.

Consumers pay a low monthly fee (with free shipping!) to receive a box full of goodies, some sample sized, some full sized, always exceeding the value of their subscription purchase price. Businesses are already finding that our subscribers re order their product, and it is FAR more efficient then standing at a horse show for hours and hours handing out product that may or may not be thrown away. I would love to work with Canadian and US companies alike (as would “A” from A Horse Box USA) and would happily answer any questions you may have!

Thanks and I look forward to getting to know many of you!

AJ-A Horse Box Canada

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